2003 Saab 9-3 Fan / Blower issue

Our 2003 9-3 has all the “normal” electrical issues I have been reading about online. We have had numerous issues from the DTE digital readout not being accurate to the left rear door not locking automatically when locking the doors. Most recently our fan / blower just quit working. I did check the fuse on the drivers side door panel, but it seemed fine. Any thoughts?



Kennett Square, PA


I drive a 1999 Saab 9-5 and this just happened to me. Although I am a Donna, I know my way around a car, and I checked all of the fuses, etc, but nothing was wrong. I actually had to drive 7 hours in a blizzard without it working (no heat or defrost!). I took it to a random gas station mechanic, and of course, they had no idea. When I went home to Delaware, I took it to my Saab guy and turns out, I actually had to get the whole blower motor replaced, which was pretty costly- in my car, the dash had to be taken off to get to it. Your problem sounds almost exactly like mine, and although we do not have the same model, the motor may be the case. Hope this helps!