Ventilation question



We have a 1997 Pontiac Montana. We have a problem with our ventilation. Only a very small amount of air comes out of the vents. We can hear the fan running and something moving when we change to different outlets (floor, defrost, vent, etc.) The small amount of air that comes out is very hot when on heat setting and very cold when on air conditioning. Do you have an idea of what the problem is and how do we fix it?


Your Montana, and many other vehicles, have a cabin air filter. If that’s clogged, you’ll get very little air. The filters (2 on your Montana if it’s like its Chevy Venture sister) are located in front of the glove box. IIRC, you have to open the glove box to see them. Pull them out and blow them out with compressed air, or replace them if you are so inclined.