2003 Olds Alero stutters

I have a 2003 Olds Alero. From about Aprill to October, the car stuuters and occasionally dies. Could this be from oxygenated fuels? Is there a way to fix this issue. I live in San Joaquin valley in California.

It’s possible, but it still means there’s something wrong with your car.

For starters, it’s an Alero.

The specific problem is either fuel, air, or spark. If it was spark it probably wouldn’t matter whether you were on winter or summer fuel. It could be a fuel filter or your fuel tank, but only if you were really close to having this problem in winter, too.

It’s probably a sensor, either air flow or oxygen. Probably.

Oh, and oxygenated fuels are generally in winter.

So the oxygenated gas is actually helping the car run better and the regular fuel most likely causes the problems as this is the only apparent variable. Interesting…