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2000 Alero GX

My daughter’s 2000 Alero as 103,000 miles. In the past 6 months, we have replaced the engine, reflash the computer, replaced the resenator (something with the CAT. Converter Internals), 2 oil leaks, intake valve and something else that I cannot remember… and general maintenance. Her car does not pick up speed (when driving) and dies on her when she is driving. No one can figure out what is wrong with the car. In addition, the car will try to start but will not turn over. I need help…she starts college in 3 weeks, will live at home to help with money and needs her car to drive. I am going crazy! Please help me and thank you!

Judith Thompson

If it dies when driving then it’s either losing spark or fuel. My guess is fuel.

Any competant shop can test the fuel pump, the regulator, and the entire ignition system, as well as the battery and charging systems. They can also check various sensors that may be at fault…

If your lits is anywhere near accurate you need a new shop. Badly. Sorry to have to be the one to tell you.

I am beginning to agree with you! Once they replaced the engine, other problems started to happen. Yes…my list is accurate. The car was towed to the shop this morning, and I am going to give them until tomorrow. When I research 2000 Aleros, it appears that everyone has the same complaints about the car losing power while driving and the car not turn over. It seems like a lot of mechanics are having difficulty identifing the problem. I told my mechanic that the entire CAT should be replaced, but they only replaced the resenator. (not sure of the spelling) They said the old one was completely plugged. I am a female…I know my shoes, not cars! Thank you very much for your help. Any other comments are welcomed!

When you said, “replaced the engine at 103K miles,” I thought, “This is not good.”

Why do you continue to pour money into this car? Is there something special about it that you like, or love? What? It’s a 2000 Alero, which is basically worthless. Try to sell it, you’ll see. Why do you keep spending money on this car?

You might be much better off to cut your losses, dump this car, and find something more reliable.