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Car Not Starting

I have a 2003 Alero that has not been starting consistently. Sometimes its right away, sometimes it takes many tries. Also, sometimes it stalls when idling. But, the starting is more of the issue. It sounds like it wants to turn over, but it just never gets there. Here is what has been repaired so far on the car to try to alleviate this issue:

1) battery replaced

2) fuel pump replaced

3) computer reset

4) idle control valve cleaned

At this point, four different mechanics have seen the car and don’t have a clue. Unfortunately, it works more than 50% of the time, but it still leaves me unreliable for traveling to and from work. Does anyone have any other ideas? It feels like I’m one simple fix away from getting this right, but I feel like just getting a new car. Does anyone think it may need a tune-up? It’s been hooked up to a computer three times so you would think it would show something if it needed it, but to me that’s the only option left?

Thanks everyone!

If it’s not working almost 50% of the time (the reciprical of your statement) they should be able to find it. Possibilties include the fuel pressure regulator and items that affect spark like the crank position sensor.

There are different types of computers to connect it to. One is the “code reader” that reads stored “fault codes” from the ECU. That’s usually the best place to start, but it’s only a starting place.

The other is an engine analyzer. That enables a tech to actually look at various signals being provided by the engine’s electronics, including the spark plug pulses, and see exactly what’s happening or not happening.

The best way to find this IMHO is to hook it up to an engine analyzer and a fuel pressure gage, get it to “not start”, and see what’s actually missing. Since it stalled while idling and they’ve already looked at the IAC and changed the fuel pump, my money is on the fuel pressure regulator. But someone should be able to diagnose this before throwing any more parts at it.

Thank you. I will update you when I check in with the local shop.