2003 Nissan Xterra, steering stiff when turning to the right

When i make right turns. Its as if the power steering does not work. It is not constant, no issues making left turns, and seems to happen more often in cold weather. About 5 years ago i had a recall to replace the steering column and thought that may have been the issue but took my car in for the recall, they replaced the steering column and still have the same issue. Thank you

So you have had this problem for over 5 years?

Yes, still have the issue over 5 years +. Last time i took my car to the mechanic i asked them to look at it, but i also had a blown head gasket and then had the engine replaced and they did not look at the steering and my fault i did not remind them, but having to shell out the $ for a new engine made me not want to think about the steering lol

It sounds to me like a steering rack that is binding-up.
I suggest that you have a mechanic inspect the steering rack.

thank you

More than likely there’s a problem with the seals on the rotary/spool valve.

When you turn the steering wheel in either direction, the rotary/spool valve directs the hydraulic pressure to either side of the piston. This is what provides steering assist in both directions.

If the seals on the rotary/spool valve are worn where they leak, the hydraulic pressure isn’t directed to the piston and there’s no steering assist. Instead, the power steering fluid is directed back to the reservoir.

The normal fix would be to replace the rack & pinion assembly.

But before spending the money on an R&P replacement, you might want to try this product. http://lucasoil.com/products/problem-solvers-utility/lucas-power-steering-stop-leak

I’ve used this product many times for seal leaks with great success.


was the steering wheel box. needed replacing. thank you