Car shutters at 65-70 mph

I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Diamante that starts to shimmy and shutter when I reach 65 mph. The visors vibrate and my son and I like to “ahhhhh” to listen to our voices vibrate. The car has 167,000 miles. I’d like to keep it for 1 more year. I had the tires balanced. Anything else?

There are quite a few things that can cause this, so what you are going to need is an inspection by a trusworthy, local independent shop that specializes in front end work (like an alignment shop or something).

When you had the tires balanced, did you just ask for a balance or did you tell them about your symptoms? Did anyone take it out on the highway afterward? If this “balance” was done at some kind of a corporate chain shop, take it elsewhere - local, independent, with a good reputation. Ask around.

When I gave him the symptoms he suggested the balancing. Can you tell me specifically what to ask for?

The reason I asked about what kind of a place does it is that in a a good place someone would have take it out on the road to drive it. Then they would have suggested something - like a balance. But then would have driven it again.

Find out if they did - or can do - a “road balance.” This simulates actual road pressure on the tires while they check the balance. The tires should also be be inspected for signs of odd wear or belt separation - though those would likely be associated with noise - is there any?

Other than that everything in the front end needs to be inspected - wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rods, axle joints (is a Diamante a front wheel drive?), suspension, engine and transmission mounts.

There are too many things, so you want a shop you can trust where someone will actually try to figure it out for you and not use the symptoms as an excuse to sell you things.

Does the vibration ever change? E.g. is it worse on acceleration? If you accelerate, does it get bad and then die out a lot if you decelerate? Then you’re probably looking at problem with a CV joint. Try this, but only if the time and place are right - the next time you’re on a good clear stretch of highway and vibrating along, carefully pop the gear selector into neutral and coast along for a few seconds. Does the vibration die down after a few seconds in neutral? (Don’t get into a habit of doing this). If the vibration lessens you might be looking at motor or transmission mounts. Its not only something that happens when you put on the brakes is it? Then you might be looking at uneven brake rotors.

Find a shop you can trust look at it.

thanks, you’re awesome. That helps a lot.