2003 Mercury Grand Marquis - Issue with lights

If this hasn’t caused a death, it’s definitely inevitable that it will .
My daytime driving lights are flashing between low beam and daytime driving beam . So I turned headlights on low beach which worked OK for a while, now they’re flashing. Apparently it sounds like the soldering connections on the driving lights module which is the cause according to over 20 complaints I’ve read about which can cause your lights to go out completely too . Ford should be ashamed for not recalling all these modules. Did I say ashamed ! No , held accountable in a court of law .

Replace the light control module and stay alive. No vehicle manufacture can be held responsible for part failures for 20 years.


Hmm, twenty complaints in twenty years? Not bad.

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You should be ashamed for even bring this up. Failure of a 20 year old part. Should we start law suits for tires wearing out too?


Just how long do you think car parts should last before any failures happen?

Agree with the others. At 20 years old the car has surpassed its expected useful life and any part failures are the result of time and normal wear and tear. Just have the car fixed.


It’s not uncommon for the LCM to fail.