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Headlight problem

The headlights on my 2003 Mercury Marauder

keep going out at night while I am driving, then they come on for a short time and then go out again BY their selves.

If I shut the vehicle down and restart it the headlights will come on and then repeat the above.

In the old days ( & my 92 Explorer ) it was the headlight switch overheating inside and a contact would bend away when hot then bend back when cool.

Looking at some service data for the car it shows there is a lighting control module that supplies power to the lights. I would suspect that is where the trouble is at. The power goes through a multifunction switch and that may be trouble also.

Post this question at or search around there. I don’t recall for sure, but some years the LCMs (lighting control modules) in these cars had weak relays for the headlights. I am pretty sure it was 2002-2003. A new one will be costly, but there are instructions there for attaching new, more robust ones to the board. Anyone that has one of these cars with the headlights still working properly can install an external relay to take the strain off the LCM relays.

Make sure you have the correct bulbs in. Some aftermarket ones (the funny colored ones), draw more current and can cause the thermal breaker to cycle.