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2003 malibu/ starting issues and rotational noise

My car has 140k miles on it, so I can’t say it has been bad…but it has been the most troublesome vehicle I have ever owned. Right now it has several problems that are consistant. It doesn’t always start. The crank turns and it trys…but even when it does as soon as I take the foot off the gas it dies. It is intermittant…usually when I just drove somewhere and wanting to start back up. It happens about once a month. If I wait ten minutes it will usually start. My mechanic first said it had a bad fuel pump…replaced…then an ignition problem…replaced. Now I am stuck again.

2nd issue is a rotational noise. it kind of moans and gets louder/faster the faster I go. It seems like the left front side but not always. If I turn the steering wheel just a bit either way it goes away (but then I’m turning so…). The same mechanic has replaced several parts (from tires to bearings) but no luck. I’m beginning to look for a new mechanic. But any ideas out there?