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2003 malibu hard start then won't idle

i first had this problem when hurricane sandy hit. my car will start but die. it either wont turn over or if it does, the engine goes right off. the radio and lights work though. the throttle & iacv were all good. i got it towed and the mechanic brought it in his garage at end of the day. he said it wouldnt start so they left it for monday. the thing is that my ignition sometimes gets stuck and leaves radio & interior lights on. so when they tried startingcar on monday, it was dead. they put different battery on & it started right up. they said everything else was ok. they charged my battery & i had no problems. until today, 3 months later, same problem. both times it happen when i’m leaving work & both times it was raining & cold. could my battery be bad? also wonder if place really checked everything out likethey said.

There’s at least a dozen possibilities. The first thing to check is the battery connections. Are they clean and tight? Many retail auto parts stores will test your battery and charging system for free, so that’s probably step 2.

i found the problem, antitheft system. i have to leave key in on postion for 10 minutes. my question now is how to correct it. it happened couple monthes ago so it’ll most likely do it again. i heard a remote starter will bypass it or something, any truth to it. or will a new ignition do it. the place i took it to said it was new but it still gets stuck.i got car last summer so im not sure how long ago it was fixed.

@dooder14 you may have a problem with the passlock sensor

It’s not that uncommon for a GM

thank you. im sure to look into it. sounds like common gm problem that most mechanics overlook and go straight to fuel pump, hopefully this saves me money & aggrevation.

@dooder14 I believe many guys “choose” to overlook it because it can be tricky to remove the steering column trim pieces and the ignition switch assembly.