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2003 Jeep Wrangler occasional starting trouble with wacky needles

2003 jeep wrangler, needles went crazy, then no power, car wont start, opened door, needles went crazy again, car started little while later, trip mileage reset to 0.0 and clock reset to 12:00, replaced battery, same thing happened this morning, any ideas?

It sounds like a poor connection somewhere, very possibly a ground. A wiring diagram will be very helpful. Check the schematic for a common source or ground for the gauges and whatever else is failing.

I agree. Check the grounding between the battery and the chassis along with the power lead from the battery to the power distribution panel under the hood.

Thanks to all who replied. My positive connector to the battery was rotted out. I replaced the wiring and works perfectly.

Good for you. We appreciate you posting your success.