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1996 Pile of JEEP Help...Please!

Hi Community!

I own a 1996 JEEP grand cherokee and it won’t start. The battery has been very low and it has been dying at some stops, especially when facing uphill. After returning from a long trip it won’t start again.

We figured that it might be the battery or the alternator - in either case we needed a jump to get it started. So we dragged a friend over and after we charged it…NOTHING!!! The lights and windows and clock came back on but the car still would not start!

Consistently, when we tried to start it the alarm, which we have pulled the noise fuse for, goes off and locks up the car…and the car just goes click,click, click, click, click very rapidly from the ignition when you turn the key. It does not turn over at all.

The battery is only a year old. My theory is the alternator, but you should also know recently a home repair has also let the terminals pretty torn up and so maybe just a bad connection? Any advise would be much appreciated.

I am an unemployed, just graduated graduate student with about $25 to my name, so can you suggest any repairs in that price range? :slight_smile:


Disconnect your cable connections, clean and reconnect them.

Okay, I’ll ask, how did a home repair tear up your car’s battery terminals?

We took off the battery to clean the terminals. It isn’t the terminals that are chewed up it is the end of the cables that connect to the battery. Thanks for the advice. I will try unhooking, cleaning and reconnecting the cables.