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My jeep is randomly stalling

i have a 99 jeep grand jerokee… every once in a while it will just stall…it starts back up right away…no problem…battery is good… could it be the fuel filter? or the cranckshaft positioning sensor? or am i way off?

Have it scanned at the Zone for free. If it has the dreaded P0351, chances are it will need a new computer. That’s the most common cause for that particular code. If it has this code it could also possibly be crank sensor, ignition coil, wiring, or maybe the rear oxygen sensor wiring is laying on the exhaust melted.

how much does one of these new computers cost? the check engine light isn’t on… would that dreaded code still show up? thanks for your input!!!

I would try replacing the CPS if you haven’t already. Same symptoms happened to me on my 99 Cherokee Sport. I was tracking down fuel issues at first until I checked with some of the online Jeep forums. All was good after the CPS replacement. It’s not a tough job, but tough to get to (on the side of the bellhousing). It took me about 2-3 hours.

thanks for the tips… I got the sensor and there was no way I could get to it… it’s in the shop now…since the first post my check engine light began flashing and it was running like crap… now it has a misfire in cylinder 4… idk if Antibes aware but u can pull the codes from the odometer by turning the key on 3 times… not starting it but turning the key on then off 3 times and the codes will pop up and then say done when it’s complete… beats a trip to the zone… I’m having them change the coil too… that should do it… I hope!!! thanks again