2003 Hyundai Tiburon - How do I fix cruise control?

Cruise control not work. Mileage 157,000

Make sure all the brake lights work.



check the fuses and relay.

did it ever work?

Take it to an independent mechanic who works on a lot of Asian cars.

Are there any diagnostic codes stored in the drivetrain or transmission computer memory?

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Yeah, others above but I’ll chime in anyway. You have to figure out if it is electrical or vacuum and go from there. If there is no light on indicating the cruise is on, that can indicate an electrical problem. Unfortunately the repair charts with be in a factory manual or one of the after-market services with step by step guides.

I’ve only had trouble with one CC on my 86 Buick Park Ave. It would gradually lose speed until it would not work at all. It was a vacuum leak in the unit. I would take it apart and there was a little cone shaped vent plug that I would put faucet grease on and then it would work for a few months. Got so I could take it apart and fix it in under 30 minutes.