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2003 Honda Civic - Sensor issues

i have honda civic 2003 prosmatic. the problem is car is stopped during the running, there is no issue of missing, the scanner tell the problem of crank censor , i changed , but problem is still there, than changed censor grips, all plugs, all quiles , all wiring around the engine. also changed fuel pump… but the problem is still exist, i m exhost now, what i do now, all electrical wiring checked , all censor checked, but no result, please help me , and guide me what i do , please, thank u so much,

My advice is to stop throwing parts at this thing and let a mechanic just fix it for you . I also suspect you are not in the US as most of the regulars here are. It might help to know your location.

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Ignition Switch?
If you have a lot of weight on your key ring, that MIGHT be sourceof problem.

only 2 key in key ring, and ignition switch is working properly .

What is the code you seeing? The trouble could be within the wiring to the sensor and not the sensor itself. If the code shows a circuit issue then the wiring to the sensor needs to be checked out.

the sensor code is - 08-2 , TDC Sensor (1) Noise .

and today an electrician says its a problem of cam sensor , so i changed cam sensor today,