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Honda Civic problem

Havent quite figured this out yet. bought a civic dx hatcback from milwaukee a few weeks ago its a 1989 im the third owner it had 85 thousand miles on it with a recent trans flush and fill and i believe the fuel injectors were cleaned. me and my friend decided to do general maintence replacing the spark plugs with ngks and putting new spark plug wires on and a distributor cap and rotor from duralast form autozone. upon changing this distro cap the car ceased to turn over and start. i put the old cap and rotor back on and the wires were connected wrong causing misfires. after fixing this the car now hesitates to start problem one. before it would crank once and start now it cranks 7 or 8 times and starts. problem 2. now when im on the highway at ANY speed if i slam on the gas the slightest bit to hard. the car makes a EH EH EH EH EHHHH EHE EHH EHHE noise and revs but doesnt accelerate i have to slowly accelerate to the speed i want which is hard in chicagos traffic. it didnt do this before and a small two prong plug got unplugged under which is in the motor under the distributor also the check engine light has come on. this has now been going on for 2 weeks and its bugging me and i cant figure it out even after hooking the wires back to said mystery sensor. any ideas?

if it aint broke…
take it to autozone and get them to put the code reader on it. (it should have the first level codes).
try disconnecting the battery for a day and night, re-connect the battery and see if that helps.
re-check the rotor and cap for corrosion, and the correct lead connections.

unfortuantely autozones readers a obd2 95 and up my civics a 0bd0 buying and trying another new rotor cap may also be in order, also debating just buying a whole new distributor unit.

Peel the passenger side carpet back from under the glove box while the key is in the “on” position. You’ll see a blinking red light. Count the number of times it blinks in a row. Count a few times, because if there’s more than one code it will flash them sequentially. Report the codes here.

so are you saying that the “two pronged plug” that came unplugged has not been plugged back in again?