New IMA battery for Honda Civic

I have a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid and the IMA battery light went on last week. The dealer tells me that I need a new battery (price $3000+ but that Honda will assist me with this, bringing the price down to around $1800. I see on the web that I could buy a rebuilt hybrid battery. Do you recommend this? As for installation, can only the dealer do this sort of work? If not, do you recommend someone in Western Mass (I live in Northampton) who might do this for less than the dealer is offering me?

Thanks very much.

The battery is made up of cells that are stacked or connected in both series and parallel circuits. Think of a flashlight where you put in two or more batteries. Now your flashlight starts to get dim so you put in new batteries. If you checked each battery with a voltmeter, you often will find that some of the batteries still have some life in them. This is especially true of 3 and 4 cell flashlights, the end batteries will be dead but the center cells still have some power.

The IMA battery rebuilders go through the battery and replace all the cells that are dead. They leave the good cells behind. Now tHe cell testing is a lot more sophisticated than a check with a voltmeter (I hope anyway). They should be doing load tests on each cell to determine how much life is left in the cells they retain.

A rebuilt battery may not last quite as long as a new one would, but then, how much longer will you keep this vehicle. If you are looking to keep it another ten years, then maybe you should get the new battery, but if your horizon is 5 or 6 years from now, the rebuilt may work just fine for you.

Rebuilt batteries are a crapshoot, whether you’re talking cars or any other battery-powered device. It depends entirely on the quality of the rebuild, and that can be hard to find out.

How Many Miles On This Car ?
$1800 For 10 Years Worth Of Electricity, Really Cuts Into The Savings On Gasoline. Didn’t I Read That These “Hybrid” Car Manufacturers Gave Forever Warranty Coverage On The Battery To Entice Buyers ?


My car has 119,000 miles on it.

One And A Half Cents Per Mile. That Doesn’t Sound Too Bad.

What Warranty Coverage Comes With The New Honda Battery ?

Finding the warranty to be favorable, I’d go with the $1800 deal. That’s got to make the car more reliable and enhance its value. I think you’d drive better and sleep better.

Realistically, the car is greatly devalued with IMA battery light illuminated and needing a battery. I don’t see much choice here unless you want to chance a different battery option and then I wonder what that would do to help the car’s value and reliability.

Is the rest of the vehicle in excellent condition ? Does it need anything else ?


Hybrid Battery
Office: (718) 554-7899

I purchased a replacement battery from them and installed it myself. I found them to be very knowlageble and very helpful. I highly recommend them. My local dealer saw my battery problem as a means to try and sell me a new car.

I think mine made it to 200k. I am now at 300k and the car runs as good as ever.

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