Honda civic hybrid 2003 IMA battery dead

I have a honda civic hybrid which ran upto 187000 miles and i brought this car for 2400 and as it is, i had my IMA battery dead I guess coz the IMA light on speedometer always turn on and suddenly one day EPS also popped up and car steering got hard and i couldnt turn the wheel and i did jump start on that by connecting booster to my regular battery (not IMA battery ) and EPS light turned off and car went fine , after 20-30 miles , if the car is turned off and parked , when tried to start the car , the car wouldnt start and again need to give jump start to start the car …what to do with this car i am so confused and depressed and i heard that from honda dealer service that it takes 2700 to replace the IMA battery and these are the codes …

First test the 12V battery.


If it does need the hybrid battery, check around. Greentec sells a rebuilt one for $1250, new one for $1600, plus installation.


The 12V (regular ) battery is working fine , i replaced new one too

I heard that other than honda dealer not everyone works on hybrid cars , can you suggest a best mechanic in Overland park or kansas city

Note to self, don’t buy 20 yr old hybrid. Check.
Get a rebuilt battery.

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I can get one , but honda showroom people says they dont fix other parts except their own parts

There’s a Greentec in Kansas City, Kansas. Go to google maps and search for hybrid car repair, see who else works on them.

It might not be that battery. You have a lot of codes, you need to find a shop that’ll diagnose them.

You can also find a Honda hybrid forum, folks there might have more experience with those particular codes.

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But that’s not possible! There is at least one forum member who insists that it costs at least $10k to replace a hybrid battery. :smirk:

That being said, I’m somewhat impressed that it lasted for 20 years, given Honda’s… less than stellar… reliability/durability record for its hybrids.


What do you care what they tell you at the honda showroom?


bcoz i dont kniw much about cars

Why are you even talking to the show room people ? The service department or even the parts department is where you should be.

As far as I know we do not have a regular member in your area so Google is your freind. That is how I found a shop for our Volvo .

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Since you don’t know a lot about cars (same with most people) don’t get the battery and try to find a shop to install it. Find a shop that will get the battery and will install it, if that’s what it needs.


yeah i will take the car to hybrid repair shop and see what they do

Was that during an electric vehicle discussion?

If this is the original battery, it probably failed ten years ago. A Honda Civic will still drive with a failed IMA battery.

Maybe that’s a possible work-a-round; ie live w/it, just don’t allow it to go into electric mode, gasoline mode only. But doesn’t the IMA system crank the gasoline engine to get it started? If so, might have to come up with some invention for that part of the work-a-round.

Unlike the Prius, the Civic hybrid has a regular starter.

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There is/was a forum member who originated an almost uncountable number of threads ranting about EVs. IIRC, the mods gave him a “vacation” for a few months.