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Cruise control not working

2001 Honda Civic, cruise control master switch on but no ligh on instrument panel that says Cruise Control comes on.

Check the fuses.

Then check the brake lights. If a brake light isn’t working it might disable the cruise.

Just checked the break lights, both are in working condition. Checked the fuse box located under the staring wheel but didn’t find a fuse Cruise Control.

The power to the CC is most likely shared with some other accessories. If the owner’s manual dosen’t state which fuse to check then you need to check all of them. Using a test light probe to check for power at the fuses is a good thing to use and verify that the fuse is getting power to it. If all the fuses are ok then there may be a power connection problem to the CC switch. If you work on this yourself it would be advisable to get a service manual to help locate the wiring. A factory manual is best due to the details it contains on how things are designed. Check out Ebay for sales of manuals for your model. The cost of a manual will more than pay for itself if you fix the trouble yourself.