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2003 Honda Accord Power steering leak

I was told that I have a power steering leak. How is this detected and what is done to fix it? Approx. cost?

Depends on where the leak is,


Are there many places that it could be?

Generally it’s detected by noticing that the power steering fluid level is lower than it should be. It can also be detected by noticing power steering fluid on the floor underneath the car.

Let’s start at the beginning. Who told you this, and how did they have the occasion to find out?

I went to a Honda dealership due to a safety recall on the airbags. They told me that my battery needed immediate replacement. (I live no more than 2 miles from the dealership.) They also said that my front end bushings were starting to split and recommended replacing them. So I take my car to my trusted (so far) local mechanic. He agreed that the bushings needed to be replaced. He disagreed about the battery.
After he’d finished diagnosing he said that I had a power steering fluid leak but it wasn’t bad and I could come back at a later date to do something. (he may have used a little other terminology but I know nothing.) I replied that if my car really needs it that he should do it. I don’t really know if that means a part or just adding liquid.

I don’t know what it is with Honda dealerships and batteries. Every time I’ve ever had my Acuras or Hondas into a dealership, they’ve told me I need a new battery. Even if the battery is less than a year old, and I load test it at home and it passes with flying colors, they will tell me I need a new battery. I don’t know if they’re being issued intentionally miscalibrated test equipment, or if they’re all in cahoots to lie about needing batteries to gullible customers. But I never take their word for it when they tell me my battery needs replacement.

If the power steering has a leak then it means a part. If he found the leak, then he should be able to tell you where the leak is, and what part he intends to replace in order to fix it.

Power steering leaks can be as easy and cheap as replacing a single hose, or they can be as irritating and expensive as having to replace the entire steering rack. It depends entirely on where the leak is.

Have you noticed any reddish liquid on the ground under where you usually park?


The same seem to apply to Nissan dealerships.
Last Friday I had the annual safety inspection done, had oil changed night before visit there.
Oil change is on the list of recommended items as “it is too dirty”.
Never trust your dealer ? :slight_smile:

No. But I park on mostly gravel and dirt which might absorb it. I dunno.

I stopped going to the dealership after I found a good independent mechanic. Used him for years but then he retired. New independent highly recommended by people in my 'hood.

I think Honda wants to find something no matter what. Especially because the replacement of the airbags didn’t cost me anything.

I had to have ps lines redone due to rust, 1 or 2 I do not recall $800.

My quote was $600 including parts, labor, tax.

Sound like it is in the ballpark!

Thanks. Good news. And I think it’s stopped raining so I can walk the 5 blocks to retrieve my car from the mechanic.

Nice, I have to ride my bike 5.5 miles to get to my favorite shop, or beg a ride for 20 miles to my bud who is a mechanic who does work on the side for big repairs.

Try putting card board under car over night. Or with card board under car have somebody turn the wheels all the way to right and then all the way to left with the car running. Do not hold it all the way in one direction more than 5 seconds. You may see the leak.

My leak was in the lines inside boot at the rack and pinion, no leak noted but the boot did swell.

Honda/Acura have their own unique spec of PS fluid. I have found it at NAPA. Dealers will have it, too. Don’t add non-Honda fluid spec, or let the mechanic use any.

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Sorry. Misread what you wrote. It was the front end compression bushings that was $600 and change.

I’ll talk to my mechanic. Diid Honda/Acura change their PS fluid? Or they just have their own?

They have their own. Many makes specify using their own fluids. Many people ignore this, but Honda may use special made seals that require their fluids so seals do not prematurely wear. With Hondas and Saturn’s I always use their fluids in everything accept motor oil. I do know that at my Honda dealership the pricing for tranny and power steering fluid is very reasonable.