Groaning noise in 1999 V-6 Honda

My 1999 V-6 Accord has always emitted a 1-2 second soft groan from under the hood each time I start it (esp. cold) after I move it about 10-15 feet, forward or reverse. This happens whether I warm it up for 2-5 minutes or move off immediately. Any ideas what this might be?

The groaning noise might be coming from the ABS pump mounted on the right front fender. The ABS will run a self-test each time the vehicle is started to make sure that the ABS is working. That’s what happens when the wife starts her 97 Accord.



The noise that the OP describes is consistent with the sound emitted by the ABS pump when it does its self-test shortly after putting the car into gear. While I can’t guarantee that the Owner’s Manual describes this noise, I would be very surprised if it did not discuss this normal situation.

Either that or the family of rodents living under the hood gets annoyed every time you disturb them.

I’d put my money on the ABS pump though.

I often had mice living under the air cleaner of my 83 Camry, but I think Tester and VDCdriver are right about the groan being the ABS testing itself. Thanks a lot, guys, I’m relieved.

I only notice it when I move forward I my 2005 Accord V6. I back up 50 feet from my house to the road, then move forward. That’s when I hear it. By the time I’m at 10 to 15 MPH, it has stopped.