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2003 Grandam flashers fast on drivers' side

2003 Grandam turn signal flashes fast on drivers’ side

Check your turn signal bulbs

Chances are, one of the turn signal bulbs on the driver’s side is out


Both the front and back flash. Just at warp speed. I was thinking that the type of bulb might be the issue. I have yet to take one out to see if they are the type required for the vehicle???

Check the side marker lights also. These can also have the same effect.


If all bulbs work I would replace the thermal flasher, located on the fuse panel. Inexpensive try and if that does not help take the flasher back to the store for a refund.

Sounds like the car is new to you. You can also switch bulbs side-to-side to test if bulbs or sockets are an issue.

I would bet on the wrong type bulb. Even WalMart, but certainly an auto parts store has a chart for the correct bulb for the front parking/turn signal and rear taillight/turn signal. Really splurge and treat yourself to two new bulbs. Replace the bulbs and see what happens. If it doesn’t solve the problem, check further.

Each tail lamp has two turn signal bulbs inside, if one bulb is burned out the flasher will flash at double speed to alert you of a bulb out.

Turn on the right turn signal and see which lights are flashing then see which one is missing on the left.

If you think all the bulbs are working . . . and we advise that at least one is out . . . . Turn on the other side that works right and look to see which bulbs are activated on that side . . then compare.
You’ll be surprised .
Also turn on the headlamps to activate that circuit too. The whole circuit could be at the wrong amperage due to one of the other bulbs being out.