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2003 Ford Windstar - Which is the B key?

I was told to install a remote starter in my Ford I would need the “A” and “B” keys. I bought it used, came with one key. What are they talking about?

They probably mean two key fobs, which you should get anyway in case you lose one or lock it in the car.
As far as the remote starter, I would shy away from that. I’m paranoid about introducing aftermarket electronics to vehicles with computer systems.

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I call that a red flag. This forum and many other automotive forums constantly get inquiries from people having problems and the after market remote starters are usually involved .

I vote against installing this and some cities have an ordinance about unattended vehicles running.

Just put it on Ebay for more than you paid for it.

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With some aftermarket remote start systems they need an extra key to be placed in their module that goes under the dash. The module reads the transponder in the key and sends a signal to the vehicles immobilizer system to allow the engine to start.