2003 Ford Windstar Transmission

I have a vehicle that I was hoping would make it to the end of the year or so with because of credit issues. I just within the past week or less, am experiencing delayed shifting into 1st gear from stop, and a hard shift into second, then gears 3-5 seem to be much smoother. I went to check to see if my transmission fluid was low, and it is very thin, watery and milky in color. I have 149,000 miles on it almost, and the fluid was never changed that I am aware of when I got it with 78,000+ miles.( I didn’t know I needed to do it within the next 50,000 or so.) I’ve been told by regular mechanics at NTB tire that it was already too late (2 yrs ago) and just keep putting fluid in and should be ok.

Well now it’s not, and my question is this, can I have the fluid changed at this point at all, is it possible that it could just seize up the transmission for good? I also don’t know if I should continue to drive it or what.

Please help.

Milky in color? It shouldn’t look like that.

Check the coolant level when the engine cold. The transmission fluid cooler is inside the radiator. And if there’s a leak between the coolant and the transmission fluid the coolant will cause the transmission fluid to become milky in appearance.