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2000 Ford Windstar Transmission & Traction Control

I have a real conundrum: the transmission on my 2000 Ford Windstar is starting to slip–not badly yet, but it’s definitely feeling like it’s ready to go. On top of that, every time I turn sharply to the right, the traction control grinds into action (even though there is no reason for it to come on).

I don’t know whether or not the two problems are related and am interested if anyone might know the answer to that.

The conundrum is: with new car prices so high right now and financing terms really unfavorable and all the economic uncertainty, I’d be interested in an opinion of whether I should sink the money into the Windstar or just take the risk (and grit my teeth over the poor terms available right now) of buying a new car.

The fluid is up to the full mark on the dipstick and was checked according to the stamped instructions on the dipstick? (You’d be surprised how many don’t do this)

When was the last tranny fluid and filter replaced? Do NOT flush. Just drain and refill. Vehicle mileage? 3.8L V6?

Hopefully you don’t need a tranny.

Considering the state of the economy and so many companies going down the hole, I’d be more inclined to repair what I have, at least until things turn around for the long term good.

Thanks very much Roadrunner–I appreciate the reply. And yes, it’s a 3.8L V6. It has about 112,000 miles on it.

I’ve come to same conclusion as your recommendation–just having the transmission maintenanced with a drain and refill and possibily replacement of the filter, and probably putting one of those additives in along with it to perhaps help clear up the problem. My local guy will do that for about $100, which has to be worth it.

Since I posted, I crawled under the front end and spotted the probable cause of the traction control trouble: it looked to me like the sensor on the passenger side was cracked, so I’m going to have that replaced, too.

Keeping it does seem the wisest choice for now.

Thanks again for the advice.

The ABS and Traction Control lights lit up on my 98 Windstar when the Exciter Ring came loose on the CV axle, there was also a grinding noise. The Exciter ring looks like a gear/sprocket mounted on the axle. The ring is what the ABS sensor reads. It occurred on both front axles. The first was under warranty, the second occurred around 66k miles.

If you look underneath the van it should be easy to tell if the rings on each axle are loose or not.

Good luck,

Ed B.