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2003 Ford Taurus Steering

2003 Ford Taurus, OHV V6, 40.1k miles, the continuing adventures. See

The steering is vague on-center. No pull to one side or the other, but the car tends to wander in the lane. If you release the steering wheel during or after a turn, the wheel does not self-center. The tires were inflated to 32 psi, I increased the front tire pressure to 35 psi, that helped a bit with the steering. There is a bit of vibration at 60 mph plus. The car sat for 5-6 months before I got it and the tires probably had flat spots. The front tires have wear on the outside edges so it does need an alignment. The front and back tires are different brands (Eldorado (Cooper?) and Continental), but match side to side.

The power steering fluid level is good, I used a turkey baster to empty the reservoir and added fresh fluid.

Any thoughts at what would cause the vague steering? I’m going to take it to my regular mechanic for a trans drop and filter replacement and have him check the front end. If the front end checks out I’ll take it in for an alignment. I want to address the steering and vibration issues before I let my kids drive it.

Ed B.


“vibration at 60mph plus” . . . your rims need to be balanced

As for the wander, you’ve probably got worn steering components

My mechanic can’t fit it in until 2/13, so I will post back with the results then.

Ed B.