Wheel problem

Whenever I am starting to slow down I get a vibration from my left front wheel. The more I brake the more the vibration and then it sometimes wiggles. My tires only have 14k and they are Goodyear Assurance tires. I went in for a rotration and balance. I then had the same eperience after they had done the rotation. They told me they would put the tires back into the orgininal postions and to wait a while and come back. I do not know much about cars but I feel the wheel or tire is out of round, or maybe a bearing or maybe brakes.

I had the brakes replaced about 1 1/2 yr ago and have only put abount 10K on them.

What are the possible problems I may have ?

The car is a 2003 Dord Tarus with 84K miles

Thanks in advance

Based on your description, I don’t think that the problem lies with the tires.

Whether this is a Dord Tarus or a Ford Taurus, this sounds like either a warped brake rotor or possibly worn/damaged front end components such as a ball joint or tie rod ends.

I suggest that you have your mechanic check both the brake rotors and the steering/suspension of the car. While warped brake rotors are annoying but not a hazard, worn/damaged front end components represent a real safety hazard.

As usual, I agree with VDC.

I would like to add that if you’re adamant about confirming that the wheels/tires are okay, you could get them spun on a machine that does Road Force Balancing. It’s more accurate. Not all shops do this, so you’ll have to ask.

I also agree with VDC.