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Ford Taurus power steering

Immediately after putting new tires on my '02 Taurus SES, steering is really hard at the pullout, or turning at slow speed just after startup. After several seconds, steering is back to normal. I did have the steering pump flushed out with new fluid several months ago, and fluid is up to level now.

The fluid might be foaming, which would mean a slight leak, probably at a loose connection. You might be bleeding the system every time you turn the wheel, at a slight loss of fluid. You would therefore expect to lose fluid going forward, which you can easily check.
The change of tires can only be coincidental.

Checked fluid level…still good. Anyone else have an idea?

If your description is accurate then the tires are likely a red herring.

Inspect the serpentine/accessory belt & pulleys. How old are the belt and tensioner? There’s some small chance that a problem here could be tire related - but only in terms of the belt getting inadvertently contaminated during the tire R&R.

What Type Of Fluid Was Put In The Steering System ? I Believe 1996 - 2007 Taurus Vehicles Specify Mercon Or Mercon V Automatic Transmision Fluid Or Mercon Dual Usage Fluids.

Did you use a fluid that was specified in the Owner’s Manual ?


I know it should be Mercon, I hope it was Mercon, the dealer put in in. Does the steering in this car have a vacuum-assist? If so, could it be a leak in a hose? There is still no drop in the power steering fluid.

Your taurus probably has variable assist power steering. If you’re lucky changing a fuse might fix this.

Example: the fuse list in the owners manual for my 02 Sonata shows EPS/electronic power steering & cruise control are wired to the same fuse.

If i was having this same problem on the Sonata I would simply check to see if the cruise control is working. If not I would check the fuse.

Take a look at the fuse list in your owners manual.