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2003 Ford Ranger - Radio smokes

Radio Harness on my 2003 pick up had an electric shortage somewhere by the Radio and started smoking out the Vents. Radio quit working after this

Ya think !


I’m not surprised. You need to find out what the electrical problem was and correct it. The radio may or may not be salvageable but it could be the least of your worries.

No wonder… Electronics NEVER work right again if you let the smoke out.

The radio shouldn’t be smoking at 17. It will stunt its growth.


I replaced the radio with an Alpine, and added bose speakers from Crutchfields, had the best sound system ever, time to upgrade!

Is the smoke coming from the wiring or from the radio itself?

It took me a little while to notice the Radio wasn’t working so I uninstall the Radio and find out it had a burned out part inside. A part that looks like a resistor or similar to it. I’ll have to put in a new Radio, but I am relieved I found the problem. It is not fun driving without knowing what caused or where the smoke is coming from

Too bad it isn’t a Lucas product, if it was replacement smoke is available


Lionel sells smoke fluid. Check your local hobby shop.

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I used to LOVE that feature of my S gauge Lionel electric trains.

A guy that worked for me used to work for Lionel. His last job assignment there was to teach the Chinese factory how to manufacture them. Once the factory was up and running, he lost his job.

Back in the days when I had a part-time job with the Burns Detective Agency, my last assignment was to help provide security at Lionel’s factory in Hillside, NJ, while they wound-down their operations prior to closing. IIRC, that was in 1968.

Did they have any US factories besides the one in NJ?

Yes, they did. A Michigan real estate tycoon named Richard Kughn bought the brand in the 1980s and built trains in Michigan. That’s where my employee originally lived. He spent a lot of time in China before he left the company. They off-shored it to China in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Apparently some are being made in the US again.

I have a radio cd player for an 03 ranger if you want it, just pay shipping.

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Yes, we can arrange that. Octavio Barboza