Intermittent wipers stopping intermittently



My Dodge Durango had body work on it last spring and the electrical system hasn’t been right since. The power locks, the key fob, etc. don’t work properly, but I can use them. About six months after the body work, the intermittent wipers began to malfunction, stopping almost randomly, and not after having completed a full cycle. They will pause somewhere in my field of view, then resume, but rarely come to rest position. I can only use the wipers on the fastest two settings in order for them to make a complete cycle without pausing mid-windshield. Is this related to the electrical problems post-body work? Unrelated? Anything (inexpensive) I can do to fix this?


I would say the fault is one of these two:
a faulty multi-purpose switch (on the steering column) or a faulty wiper motor.

Add this: possible damaged wiring between the two.


You could have a bad or unconnected ground if the body work was done on the front fenders. An engine to body ground could cause this. Disconnect and clean the body end. The negative ground could be loose on the end away from the battery. Both cable ends or all cable ends if there are more then two on the negative cable. Just a few possibilities.


Hopefully this problem is happening because of a faulty power connection, going to the areas you mentioned that are having trouble. The trouble may also be possibly due to a faulty body control module. The delay for the wipers on my Town & County van were controlled by the BCM and so it needed to be replaced to fix the same wiper problem you are having. Fortunately the van was under warranty when this happened. I’m not sure if the Durango is designed the same way or not but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.

If you can work on this yourself I would suggest you get a service manual to help guide you in the repair.


I totaly agree check the ground wires a good bok on the vehicle will tell you where to loog for the ground point.