Durango coolant leak

My durango is slowly leaking coolant from somewhere at the rear of the engine compartment (drips on floor). I cant see any signs of leaking but after driving it smells like burnt coolant and coolant smell occasionally comes through the vents.

Drips On The Floor Of The Garage Or Floor Of The Durango’s Interior ? This Sounds Like A Classic Heater Core Leak If It’s Inside The Car.

If it’s dripping on the garage floor you could have a leaking heater hose, head gasket, intake manifold gasket, freeze plug, etcetera, and it needs to be evaluated.


Model-Year, Please. Some Problems May Be Specific To A Certain Durango Model-Year.


2001 Durango RT with 5.9L V8

Drips on garage floor, i was told the transmission would have to be removed to verify where the leak was coming from, does that sound right?

I would check the hoses that go to the heater core located behind the firewall, usually the passenger side, under the dash. Check the hose condition and clamp tightness at the firewall, (engine side).