2003 CRV (AWD) Noisy Rear End

My CRV (and I love it) has about 100,000 miles. I just recently had it serviced by the dealer with no reports of problems in the rear end. However, when I am making sharp turns (like into a parking spot) I have been noticing an excessive amount of noise. Could this indicate a low amount of fluid in the differential or ??? I would rather catch the problem before it gets expensive.



This is a known problem with the CRV’s design, and the solution (believe it or not) is to change the oil in the rear differential. Truthfully, I am surprised that the dealer did not alert you to this situation, as virtually everyone with a CRV experiences this problem once the miles on the odometer begin to mount up.

If you go to an independent mechanic, just be sure that he uses the correct Honda specification oil. Using a “generic” differential oil will not resolve the problem, and in fact, may aggravate it.

100% correct. Your symptoms mimic everyone elses and it works.