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2003 Chevy Trailblazer - Cranking Issues

I need help…when I go to crank my car in the morning or after its been sitting for a while…it turns over but won’t crank but when I turn it back and immediately crank it again it cranks right up…nobody seems to be able to tell me why its doing that…HELP!!

I think the problem is fuel related. Try this: Turn the ignition on until the dash icons light but "do not crank the engine over.’ Wait 10 seconds then turn the ignition off. See if the engine starts. If it does it’s a problem in the fuel delivery system or low fuel pressure. A good independent mechanic should be able to find the exact cause rather quickly.

“Crank” is the same as “turn over”. I think you mean the first time it cranks but won’t start. Then when you try it again, it does start.

As said above, it does sound like a problem with the fuel/air ratio. It could be too much or too little fuel. Or too much or too little air. It could be other problems too, like a spark problem caused by worn spark plugs or coils, or timing problem caused by a bad crank sensor (if you car has one.)

Is the CEL on? Have you checked for vacuum leaks? Is the routine engine maintenance up to date? Those are probably the places to start.