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2003 Chevy Impala Front End Problem

My Impala required the tie rods to be replaced about 2 years ago. I now have 92,000 miles on the car. Recently, I started feeling a vibration when I turn the steering wheel at every speed. I have have asked the mechanic to look at this but they can’t find anything wrong with my car. Other than this problem, the car runs really well. What can cause this vibration? And is it expensive to fix?

Does it do the same thing when turning left and turning right?

We’ve Got Possible Causes And Fixes If You’ve Got Information.

More Information Is Needed To Include, But Not Limited To: Any Clunking Or Rattling Over Bumps Or When Stopped While Turning The Steering Wheel ?
Where Do You Feel The Vibration ? Any Noise Associated With The Vibration ? If So, Describe The Sound. If So, Does The Pitch Or Volume Of Noise Change With Speed ?

The “mechanic” verifies that the car is vibrating, but can’t find anything wrong with the car right in front of her / him ? Has this mechanic gone for a ride to experience the problem ?