2003 Chevy Impala door lock issues

My impala has been having an odd door lock issue. While driving I can hear the locks lock over and over again. It is not consistent. Might be 10 seconds apart or 10 minutes. I don’t know where to start looking. Fuses? Door jam? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I had this problem on an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera a few years ago. It turned out to be a faulty door lock relay. A little bump and the the door locks were activated. Slamming the door closed would do the same thing.

When A Relay Is Located For Checking, I Usually Check The Part Number, See If The Car Has Other Relays With The Same Number (Located In Positions Of Non-Critical Importance) And Swap The 2 Long Enough To See If The Problem Resolves. If It Does Then A New Relay Is Purchased.