Crazy haunted car



I have a 2001 impala and the trunk pops open after ive stopped and cut it off. this morning the interior lights started turning off and on the door locks engaged and disengaged and the door ajar light came on will pulling into the drive way and backing out. It stopped once i picked up some speed, but the security light came on. i need some help or maybe a good excorist.


I too have a similar problem. I own a 2004 Saturn L-200. It started honking on its own while in the driveway. Then while driving it started locking/unlocking the doors, as well as opening and closing the trunk. The windshield wipers will go off for about 3 or 4 cycles and then shut off. If it wasn’t so maddening it would be commical. I hope someone has an answer. Hopefully cheap too.