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Security message on info center

i have a 2003 chevrolet impala this car has some strange things going on with it i beleave it is electrical the car has a info message desplay on the dash alot of the time it will desplay security glowing while car is on or driving another issue is when you turn the car off the interior lights go off like a light show at arock concert only very briefly also some time when you remove the ignition key a bell chimes like you left the lights on or key in switch but you have the key inyour hand then you have to put backin ignition and restart turn off remove key then it will quit chimming car has 99,ooo miles its an ls model with the 3800 engine any ideas please help

How long have you had the car? Is it a recent purchase?

You’ve had the car only 6 months, and this is new problem or has it been this way for the 6 months? I’d have the car checked over for possible flood damage. Weird electrical problems are a symptom of a car that got water in the electronics. I think you are best dealing with a GM dealer to identify the problem.

Is there a remote start or any other aftermarket electrical addons? Disabling them my be helpful