2003 Chevrolet Astro won't crank

Why will my Astro van not crank?
When I turn my key on all lights come on, fuel pump primes, turn key and no crank.
It did this once about a year ago and seemed to heal its self and now it is doing it again without healing!!!
Any clues???

With the dash lights on, step on the brake pedal and shift the transmission into neutral and then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts, it points to a problem with the park/neutral safety switch.


Exact thing in both Park and Neutral position.
Fan stops running and gauges and warning lights shut off when key is turned to “crank” when shifter is in either Park or Neutral position.
Thank you.

Battery discharged and/or its connections bad?

Do you hear any motion in the starter motor? You’d need to have someone turn the key while you listen. Maybe through a stick held against it and your ear. But beware of getting you or your clothes in something when the engine starts.

Battery is new and has a full charge.
Head lights burn when key is turned on.
Connections are good.
No clicking in the starter/solenoid area.

Rap the starter motor with a 2X4 and try again.

I rapped it with a 12 oz brass hammer which gave it a pretty good smack to no avail.

Is the wire to the solenoid getting 12V when the key is at Start?

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Gonna go back at it tomorow.

You’re welcome. Good luck!

I had that symptom on my Corolla one time, and it was the battery connections were loose and a little corroded. the starter motor uses much more current than the other systems, including the headlights, so when you turn the key to “start” most of the battery current goes to the starter, robbing the other circuits like the dash lights if there’s too much resistance at the battery posts. So double check all that before assuming it is something more complicated. A weak battery problem could cause the same symptom.

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