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2003 Buick Century 3.1L: Possessed!

About 2 weeks ago I had to replace the water pump; coolant shot along the serpentine belt and engine. 2 days ago the car starts up fine, cluster lights turn on and went to normal. A few moments later BLAM the spedometer goes to 0, check engine light in yellow, red security light, airbags, trac off, no fuel light and alarm, oil pressure, brake, seatbelt lights turn on. I took it to Autozone who suggested bad battery. The tester on the alternator showed 14.5volts motor on, battery while motor off 12.6volts, battery while motor on 15.7volts. Advance Auto could not operate the OBD-II tester stating a link problem. The white reverse lights do not work either. Do you have any ideas?

Could be worse. Could be raining. Was it raining? Even if there was no rain, the first thing to check for is grounds, including the one from engine to body if you can find it, disconnect and clean the body end.

When that doesn’t have any effect, you can worry about looking for damage or PCM problems.

Remove both battery cables from the battery. On the positive cable, peel back the red cover to expose the positive battery terminals. If there’s a lot of corrosion under the red cover this can cause a voltage drop to the power distribution center,(fuse box). And this can cause all sorts of modules to freak out. Causing all the lights you see on the dash.

If you find corrosion under the red cover for the positive battery terminals, replace the positive battery cable assembly.