1995 Buick Century anti-lock light went on, then all lights went off

Out of nowhere, the “Anti-Lock” light on dash board came on. About one hour later, again the “Anti-Lock” light came back on, as well as the “Brake” light. At the same time, all of my lights went off, including the headlights, dashboard lights and all interior lights. A little later, all lights came back on and all of the lights on the dashboard went out. The same thing also happened again.

If all of the lights are acting wonky, I would start by checking (and likely replacing) the battery with a new one. After that I would have the charging system checked to make sure the alternator is functioning properly as well. Once those have been done, then you can start checking on the brake system, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual issue is in your electrical system, not the brake system.


I agree with this. A 25 year old car is going to start having these types of electrical problems… failing electronics and/or corroded ground connections.

You will need to find a shop that has someone who likes diagnosing challenging electrical problems. A good independent shop, not one of the big chains. Expect to pay the mechanic for their time…and it can take some time.

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The first thing I suggest you do is clean the battery connections, even if they ‘look’ okay. If you need to go further than that check the connection to power going to the panel under the hood. Power should tie to that panel at all times. Power then goes to the ignition switch and then to the panel in the dash.

In addition to the above, when crazy things start to happen, check and clean all the ground connections.

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