2003 BMW 535 instrument cluster not working

The speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, battery meter, temp gauge and idiot lights went out. The car works fine. Dash is just dead. I did a quick look at the fuses in the glove box but it doesn’t have the little card to tell fuse locations. So, I can’t narrow it down but I don’t see any blown fuses.

Best to check all fuses with a test light. The instrument cluster is a module and has many different power supplies.

These modules can logic lock and fail to operate. You can clear a logic lock by performing a battery reset. Since these cars are electrically sensitive I suggest having a mechanic perform the battery reset. It only needs 15 minutes.

rattlegas, how difficult can it be?

It’s not difficult at all but you can be out 8,000 dollars in a microsecond if something “accidentally goes wrong” when messing with battery cables. I’ve seen it on BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

I’ve seen jumpstarts end up with the car in the junkyard.

When giving people advise you need to be extra cautious not to lead them to their doom.

Power for the cluster should be through the dash fuse panel so verify power is getting through the fuses by placing a test light probe on each of the two slits on top of the fuses. If all the fuses are getting power to them then check the connectors on the back side of the cluster for a loose connection.