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2002 Volvo S40 - screech noise + headlights


I have a 2002 Volvo S40. I have recently noticed a very loud screeching noise while driving. It sounds like metal on metal, and it stops when I push the brakes. Any thoughts on what this might be? It sounds like it is coming from the front right tire. I also have heard rattling up there for a while (sounds like something is loose) but my mechanic was not able to find anything with this.

I also have issues with my head lights. They go out about every other month and need to be replaced.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! I am hopingt to not put a lot of money into her.

Did the mechanic check your front brake pads for wear? Because the sound goes away when you brake it sounds like the “wear indicators” are telling you the pads are worn and need to be be replaced.

The headlight issue could be too much or too little voltage. A bad alternator or voltage regulator (if it is separate from the alternator) could cause this problem. Volvo headlights don’t last very long, but every 2 months indicates an electrical problem. The bulbs aren’t cheap, but if the electrical issue takes out the car’s computer you could be talking more serious money.