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Check engine light and more

i have 2002 volvo S40, with about 50000 miles on mostly a bit hilly city driving. from the very beginning, check engine light and other lights would come on randomly, and i had to take it to the dealer who sold it to me more than 10 times within a year. they replaced the computer software and replaced brakepads and all. there was a prominant high pitch metallic sound the first winter, which i didn’t recognize until spring as the windows were up all the way while driving all winter. two dealerships i have dealt with were not really forthcoming in acknowledging various noises and lights, usually denying or brushing them off as “peeps”. i called a lawyer to see if i would have to have the declared a lemon, though the lawyer talked me out of it. about 10 months ago, the fan dial stopped working completely one morning, and i have been driving without hot or cool air. for 6 months, the check engine light has been on. a few weeks ago, that high pitch metallic sound returned, and it’s louder under 35 mph. there is also sound of something rubbing something else when i brake for stoplights, 80% of the time, not always. i just left the car with a mechanic. is this car possessed or is it me?

You’ve omitted a few bits of information.
This car is 8 years old. Did you buy it brand new back in '01 or '02 or was this a used car purchase? If used, when did you buy it?

At what point did you talk to a lawyer about this Lemon issue?

i bought it brand new in fall 2002, though it had been sitting in the dealership lot for months.

though it’s 8 years old, it has only 50000 miles, and i am a very cautious and safe driver, using the brake minimum, no speeding ticket ever. plus, all sorts of things i described started happening within months of purchase.

i talked to a lawyer about fall 2003, when i had had it between the crazy car and the devious dealerships.

basically, i was told it would be next to impossible to prove it as lemon, and therefore few lawyers would take the case. i tried to contact volvo headquarters to no avail.

Dump it for an Acura.