Screeching Sound

I drive an 2004 Acura RSX-S. I have this screeching sound that sounds like metal to metal rubbing. It seems to be coming from the passenger side near the back of the car. To me it sounds like brakes but the sound does not occur while I’m braking. It’ll occur at random times with no pattern. I’ve been told by a friend that he thinks it’s my exhaust rattling or something like that. Does anyone have any ideas? I want to take it in but I don’t want to be clueless when I do. Any help would be great! Thanks!

My only idea is to have it checked. Neither of the possibilities is serious, and if the brakes need doing they should be done.

It could be the wear indicator on the brake pads. The indicator is designed to make a screeching noise to get your attention. The noise usually stops when you step on the brake pedal.

It’s time to have the brake pads checked.