2009 VW Jetti TDI - melted fuse block

Driving to MA from PA, stopped for a meal, got back in car & got msg on info panel that R front headlight was not functioning. It was raining hard, but still daylight in late afternoon. Checked other lights & all seemed ok - running light working. Back in car - another 175 miles to go & it became evident R turn signal wasn’t working. Did get to MA early evening, checked lights again & found that brake lights weren’t working & more. VW dealer in town checked it out next day & said 30 amp fuse for lighting was melted w/fuse block, which they removed & replaced. Turns out I’m not the first person - VW instantly said they’d refund the $531 it cost, which tells me they’re aware it’s a fault of theirs. I’m wondering - what caused this? Google tells me they’ve had probs with this with Tiguans & a bunch of recalls. What’s to stop it from happening again? What would have caused the fuse to melt in the first place? My husband has a 2013 Jetta TDI. Does that mean his car is at risk?

Apparently VW has known about this problem for years.


A faulty part can create a bad connection. A bad connection can generate a lot of heat when a large load is forced through it. I’ve seen melted wires and fuses due to faulty and/or corroded connections. I don’t know the ultimate cause, but that’s my best guess. The repair should have fixed the faulty part, and you should not have anymore problems with that fuse. Hopefully in the last 4 years, they fixed the problem for your husband’s 2013 Vee-Dub.