2002 V6 Honda Accord EX Coupe - Key Won't Turn Back

My 2002 Honda Accord EX (V6) Coupe got a new transmission (under warranty) at around 76K miles and then again at 100K miles (i think it was the fault of the mechanic at the honda dealer, who used excessive torque to screw the transmission fluid cap back on and cracked the neck making the fluid leak and set off the transmission diagnostic code). Ever since the second transmission replacement, the car makes a whistling sound which seems to originate from under the hood somewhere in front and left of the steering column. The noise starts up as soon as I turn the engine on and doesn’t go away even when I’m driving at variable speeds. The other problem which started at the same time, is that more often than not, when I switch off the engine and turn the key, it won’t turn all the way and come out and when I turn the key back to bring the electrical systems back on (but not the engine), I notice the gear indicator lights for both Park (red) and Drive (Green) are lit up. The Drive (green) light goes off with a clicking sound after a few seconds and then I am able to turn the key all the way and take it out. I have taken the car back to the dealer several times to have them repair these issues, but they tell me that they cannot duplicate the problem even after I leave the car with them for 2 days. They claim to have adjusted the transmission cable as a preventive measure. Nothing they have done has made the problem go away. What should I do to resolve these problems? The warranty on the second transmission has expired (only 12K miles). I bought the car at a Honda dealer at 34K miles and until 105K miles, I had all oil changes and other maintenance done at the same dealer. I have only had 1 oil change at a JiffyLube since the last time I visited the dealer and new tires and wheel alignment at another dealer since.

Had the same problem with removing the key from my 2002 Accord. At 140k miles and 7 years I started using my spare ignition key. Problem solved. Apparently the key can wear out.

really? wow! never thought of that one. but what explains the drive and parking lights lighting up together when i turn the key back to turn the power on?

This model of Accord is under a Recall for the ignition switch as relates to the interlock. Maybe this is the cause of the second problem.
This Recall is free of charge if it has not been done already and the dealer should have taken this into consideration while the car was in there.

As to that noise, I have no idea on that one. A whistling noise often indicates a manifold vacuum leak and it’s possible that a hose could have been dislodged or cracked during the repairs.
One would think this would trigger a Check Engine Light though.

A whining noise usually points to something in the accessory belt or timing belt area; worn bearing in a belt tensioner, power steering or alternator bearing whine, etc.
A vacuum leak is easy to test for and any bearing noise should be detectable with a mechanic’s stethoscope.