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Honda Accord 2002 LX automatic issues?

Hi so I have a 2002 Honda Accord lx sedan with 164k miles and there’s been some problems with it that I just don’t know what to do first most major one is

  1. My car started making like this jerking motion and I didn’t know what it was until I was driving just fine and I was at least like 3 miles driving when all of a sudden my (D4) light started to flash and I didn’t know what it was and when I tried pulling over it would just rev it would move the car but it would rev for a long time and when I finally pulled over I turned it off and then on and then it was gone but still making the same jerk motion so I took it to my nearest mechanic and they did a code reader on it since the check engine light was on and it said shift gear error now this was about a month ago and he had cleared it and told me it could be a sensor and if it came back on to bring it back and he’d have it fixed for $400 and at the time I didn’t have money cause I just had started my new job but since then it has came back on and I went to auto zone and it told me the same thing and now I was going to fix it but they cleared it as well and it hasn’t came back on but it still does the jerk and tried taking it back but they don’t remember me and they did a diagnostic and they said it’s the transmission and I’m just been waiting for it to turn on so I can fix it since it’s my gf car now and I wanna fix it so she doesn’t drive a crap car anyways he had told me it could be a siliniod but yeah that’s the main problem I’m stressing on right now anyone help me out on that
  2. The ac I have tried to get it fixed they did something where they drained it out and put new ac in and it worked for about a week then it stoped working again tried to get it fixed again and they said it was a leak on some hose and they replaced the hose but now the same thing happened my gf really wants ac what could be the problem
    Some info on my car ever since I bought the car 1 year and 1/2 ago at 143k miles my first car ever it ran perfectly nothing huge I always did regular oil changes myself and I only had to once change the thermostat because it heated up and it was fixed I changed the brakes and bleed them out myself I don’t know a whole lot about cars but I only know little things about my car only since ya know it’s my first car I’m 18 now and trying to hand it over to my gf since she needs a car and I can get a new one since I have a job now
    Other things I’ve done this past two weeks I got the a ball joint fixed and also replaced the spark plugs and I got the speedometer replaced cause the gas gauge and the rpm idle didn’t work but it shows that it has 300k miles idk why it shows that but it does I’m sure cause it was used but it fixed the gas gauge and the rpm and I got it tinted that’s all not like that matters but yeah I tried selling it but no one wants to buy my car cause first the ac wasn’t working and second is cause I’m sure they felt the jerk but they never mentioned it but yes that’s all I got any help would be great sorry if I explained this very complicated I’m new here

From this website:

It looks like this is a super common problem with this car (the same site also gave it their stamp of avoid like the plague). I’ve found this site to be super useful in scouting out cars and figuring out what is a good one to buy (saved me from a Toyota Matrix that was near the 160k mark which is when the engine is likely to fail in that model).

As for the ac, it could be there is a leak somewhere else. I’d take it to a specific AC shop and have them look at it. If after they do a die check for leaks in the system it just needs a recharge it should be around $100. If your compressor is bad you are looking at a repair in the $800-$1000 range. If you really want to sell it I’d say look for someone wanting a project car and be upfront with any problems it has.

Also, there is the possibility that this car has reached “Heap of Junk” status and can only be sold to an oblivious/desperate person. It may still function as a short distance driver where it doesn’t matter if it breaks down and you have to walk. I sincerely hope that my rambling in response to yours is able to help you.

Yeah so I have read about this specific car and I so regret getting it now that I’m more knowledgeable about it

And yeah I hope it just needs to be recharged nothing more

And yes it helps thanks again!

These problems are not unusual for any 15 year old vehicle with 164000 miles and an unknown service history. The value of this thing is low so you might get some magic elixir from the auto parts store and pour into the transmission and hope for more service. The air conditioner repair might really be in the 1200.00 range. Only you can decide if you want to spend the money.

I’ve had issues with the schrader valves leaking on my Honda. They are easy to replace, then recharge.

For the transmission, try draining the ATF out and replace it with the newer ATF that Honda currently uses. It helps if the jerking is mainly when the car is cold. But those transmissions are troublesome for your year so it may not help.

Yeah you’re right thanks I sure have been thinking about it

I will see about the AC on what you said thanks
And yeah it does it when it’s hot as well so I was thinking of maybe seeing if it’s transmision fluid if it’s low but yeah just probably gonna junk it

It does sound like you have a transmission problem. Don’t give up on your trusty steed tho quite yet. Suggest to ask various mechanics around town who’s the best transmission shop, and take it there for an evaluation. Automatic transmissions – beyond checking the fluid level – aren’t a diy’er serviceable thing. Too complicated. It’s quite possible just doing a proper service will fix the problem for a while at least. Transmissions are very sensitive to fluid pressure and that in turn is sensitive to the fluid’s material properties. Replacing the fluid with fresh stuff can turn a dullard transmission into a brilliant one in short order sometimes. If it needs a replacement solenoid, they’ll figure that out too as part of the proper service.

The AC system seems like it still has a leak. There’s AC leak detector gadgets to find leaks, and for stubborn ones I think there are dyes they can put in which will show where the leak is.