2002 toyota solara. Stalls after 5-10 minutes of running

2002 Toyota Solara 210k miles

Battery, Alternator, and fuel pump assembly have been replaced. My ECU has no logged codes so I have nothing to go by. I cleaned the throttle body off of a whim but nothing.

Basically the car starts perfect every single time. Around 5-10 minutes, the revs drop very low, the car gives it gas to rev it back up, then stalls. If I keep my foot on the pedal and the revs up it wont stall. But if it just idles it will stall. No clue where else to look.

Throttle position sensor?

If this car has an idle air control, I’d look there first.


Yes, definitely worth checking out.

Rockauto.com says it has one if it’s a V6. The OP didn’t specify.

thanks for double checking. I was confused trying to find that part lo and be hold I have the I4. So I guess that part is only a I4 thing?

If thats the case, that what part should i replace/check?

Actually the opposite. The I4 doesn’t have an idle air control valve so it’s a V6 thing. I’m not a mechanic and frankly I have no clue what else to check.

Looks like a cheap part and worth a shot. If this doesn’t work this thing may be off to the junk yard. Not sure what else to look at, at this point

At 18 years of age, junking it is not a premature act.