Stalling Toyota

A 2002 sienna ce which on occassion idles so low it stalls after it warms us. Other than that it runs very well. The idle issue is infrequent but more and more frequent. Any suggestions? Thanks

Check the IAC valve and throttle body. They may need cleaning (the valve may need replacing).

There MAY also be a vacuum leak. (check all air intakes and vac hoses).

I want to thank the support of this site. It was in fact a dirty iac valve. I took off the throttle body to access the valve, cleaned it well with “deep creep” from napa reassembled and over a week now it has not stall and quicker starts. WOW cartalk you are GREAT!

It’s certainly great when a problem poster returns with news, good or bad! I’m glad it WAS positive. Thanks.